Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 2.42.46 PM.png

I love that @spectacle_shoppe had the guts to play with this facade, which I also love. And I love what @taonaturalfoods has done with their space too. The combo of the two is definitely ❤️❤️❤️. I hate the whole architectural concept of historic renovation or historic preservation, predicated on a low of some static world, and so often co-opted by the privileged as a means to exclude and disenfranchise people. I’d rather have patching than matching in my repairs and there’s something about a painstaking quest for the historic that strikes me as the manifestation of a puritanical discomfort with diversity and denial of death, in much the same way that brand new things do.

Give me the mended and modded, the juryrigged and remade and worn down. Show me that time has passed, that people have lived lives here, day after day. (The hat is on my sibling’s head. We were out with our father celebrating his 98th birthday, at one of the street corners where he sold papers in the 1920s.)

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