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I find myself drawn to what survives apocalypses: spiders, lichen, clouds, ice, thunder. I‘m steadied by the beauty in what little might survive us, if we fail, a flicker of life, of movement. Mushrooms are us though, inasmuch as they’re individual manifestations of interconnected networks. The hope I find, the hope I choose, is in the way these networks are invisible and growing until suddenly, something shifts and we realize they’re everywhere, their magic laid out in ways we can see and understand.

When we act on climate both individually and collectively, we strengthen our networks and reduce our harm. When we talk about our climate crisis, we send spores out, we make ourselves agents of change and we’re changed by it too.
Dear mushroom-kin, rail against the dying of our light! Throw yourself into reducing your emissions with as much fervor as you’ve ever brought to anything. Foment revolution! For us! 🍄✊🌍

One thought on “An Ode to Beauty When Fighting Climate Collapse

  1. Fellow mushroom-kin saying hello! (Our web development cooperative is named Agaric for a lot of the reasons listed here, with websites being individual manifestations of interconnected networks, of course extensions of us humans and our networks.) Thank you for your wheelchair and walking advocacy (recently moved to Minneapolis and… even by Boston standards, Minneapolis could do better, and Boston is not a place one wants to look to for that kind of standard) and also thank you of course your efforts to fight climate collapse!

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