Inventory is the ongoing project of a thing-finder and joy-sharer, the inputs and outputs of my personal ecosystem of love for the physical world as flows through my live-work studio. Objects aren’t just the embodiment of energy and mass; they also tell our stories and shape our future. Inventory is my daily love letter to our physical world and my human kin, to the ways in which we notice, shape, love, use, and trade various manifestations of matter.

Here are the “rules” for Inventory. Please keep in mind that this is a dynamic project of appreciation for and connection to our physical world and one another rather than a traditional sale of static items.

  1. All objects are $5 each, cash only, negotiable. I’m open to trades, other economies, reinventing this transactional world. My goal in the cost is to capture the relational obligation we each have in this shared responsibility for our physical world, including the stuff in it, and in this case, it means both of us showing up. If you give me more than $5, I’ll accept it happily, but I’ll be really awkward about it. For those who vote with their money, I’m a decent candidate if you care about climate breakdown and racial equity–my carbon footprint is roughly 1/2 an earth. I’m happy to share more about how I spend both my time and money and the ethical framework underpinning this, because why be a chronic overthinker if you’re not willing to let strangers peek inside your brain.
  2. Local pick-up/drop-off only. I’ll aim to be at a Mpls coffee shop 2+ days per week. I’m also open to dropping items off somewhere within my walking distance or setting up creative exchanges via mutual friends or empty tree hollows. If you really want something shipped, feel free to DM me–I love to make people happy, but also I’m terrible at getting to the post office, will only ship via USPS for ethical reasons, and might charge a billion dollars in shipping so I don’t forget to do it.
  3. Please DM if you want an object.¬†Comment on Instagram with any general-project or specific-object questions you have. I won’t update the post when it’s gone.
  4. Objects will be available for roughly one week maximum. If unclaimed, they’ll be dispersed to other locations: Junket, Old School, St Vincent de Paul, or elsewhere.
  5. Inventory is a story-telling, connection-building, object-loving project, not end-state-capitalism. I’ll be as accurate as I can in taking photos of and describing each object, but this isn’t about stuff as immaculately conceived, never-touched, and static. Economic value is fickle and livable planets with climates suitable for human habitation are rare and it’s far easier to radically change our culture than to find a better place to live.
  6. Inventory is on-going, imperfect, and as subject to change as anything else. This is a project of love and faith and hope and daily routines and experimenting with social media and moving forward together.

If Inventory sparks anything for you and you want to connect or collaborate, please feel free to reach out!

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